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Web of Lies: Age, Sex, Location
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Web of Lies: Age, Sex, Location
01 Cyber Psycho
For lonely Realtor Mary Kay Beckman the dream of finding love through internet dating sites becomes a living nightmare when a relationship with a seemingly charming onlin...
02 Age, Sex, Location
13 year-old Kacie Woody meets two male friends via the internet Scott, from Atlanta; and Dave, a surfing enthusiast from California. But one of these boys is not what he...
03 Baby You're Mine
Two days before her due date, pregnant teen Amanda Howard gets into the car of a seemingly generous stranger she met online. But when her new acquaintance turns out to ha...
04 Casual Encounters
George Weber is on the New York morning radio show. When he doesn't show for work, police discover his mutilated body in his apartment. Investigation of his on line activ...
05 Internet Casanova
Single mom Jenn Clark thinks she's found the man of her dreams on a dating site, but little does she know Ray Holycross is a sociopath who preys on vulnerable women. When...
06 Farmville Horror
When teenager Emma and 20 year old Sam meet online, Emma thinks she's found love. But when Sam comes to visit she sees he's not at all the boy she imagined. Emma rejects...