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Breaking the Faith: Into the Unknown
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Breaking the Faith: Into the Unknown
01 Keep Sweet
Young women from a strict polygamist community, run by the Fundamentalist Church of Latter Day Saints, leave their homes aided by a group of young men, cast out from the...
02 On the Run
After escaping their community, the group head toward an undisclosed location known as a "Safe House." Once there, the women make a surprise discovery: the house is overs...
03 Into the Unknown
After the "Safe House" had been compromised, the group flees to Salt Lake City. They stay at the home of a Mormon woman who will assist them. Though the girls have left t...
04 Temptation
Settling in Salt Lake, the housemates are branching out more into the gentile world. An old flame is rekindled as one of the girls reunites with her Crick love. All the k...
05 Outsiders
Sparks fly when the influence of outsiders causes a riff and forces the conservative United Order and the rebellious Repentants against one another. The boys are especial...
06 Shedding Skin
Everyone in the house is looking to branch out from all of the drama. Connie and Cody's relationship grows stronger and Connie is poised to make a big transition. Angie m...
07 Breaking Away
Zack's meeting with the private investigator provides a lead on the whereabouts of his mother. Angie finally gets made over with the help of her new friend. Cody reveals...