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Get Out: Sooke
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Get Out: Sooke
01 Vancouver Island
Lana Tailor and her friends from the West Coast of Canada head to Sooke on Vancouver Island for their cabin in the woods and later head out for some Windsurfing on Englis...
02 Nita Lake
The Get Out! girls head to Nita Lake for a Paddleboarding adventure and a rope swing into icy waters.
03 Whistler
Lana and the Get Out! girls hit the backcountry of Whistler Mountain on ATVs.
04 Pitt lake
Lana tries her horse riding skills once again at Pitt Lake.
05 Vancouver
Lana and the Get Out! girls get cabin fever and decide to go on a pub crawl in Vancouver in a party bus.
06 Granville Island
The Get Out! girls head out on jet skis to tour the Vancouver bays.
07 Blackcomb Mountain
Lana and the Get Out! girls take a float plane to a wintery glacier hike.
08 Green Lake
The Get Out! girls head to the frigid waters of the northwest for a challenging wakeboard ride on a glacial lake.
09 Washington State
The girls head across the border on a high speed zodiac boat to scope out killer whales.
10 Pitt Meadows
Brittany and Michelle go sky diving while Lana has a photo shoot.
11 Sooke
The Get Out! girls go on a zip line adventure and then hook up for some drinks at a local pub.