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Bill and Ben: The Tortoise and the Pots
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Bill and Ben: The Tortoise and the Pots
01 The Tortoise and the Pots
When Bill & Ben challenge Slowcoach to a nut gathering contest they put their daring plan to the test. It soon becomes apparent that slow and steady has its advantages.
02 Got Fly a Kite
On discovering her favorite piece of treasure is missing, Pry looks to Bill & Ben to lend a hand. A failed attempt to fly leads them to the treasure - but how will they r...
03 A Piece of Sky
Bill & Ben look for something to cheer up Weed's part of the garden. It proves to be a more difficult task than they expected and discover that all the cheering up she wa...
04 The Hottest Day
In the heat of the sun Weed felt very sleepy. Bill & Ben search the garden for objects to protect her from the sun. When they do eventually find something it serves a ver...
05 Literhog
One morning Bill & Ben wake to discover the garden littered with rubbish. In an attempt to clear it up, Weed suggests a reward for whoever collects the most. It's not lon...
06 Sticky Problems
Bill & Ben discover something very useful in the garden that may be able to help them out of a sticky situation. But it ends up being more of a hindrance than help!
07 In Search of a Lettuce
Bill & Ben search the garden for some lettuce for Slowcoach. Thistle seizes the opportunity to play a trick on the flowerpot men but Ketchup the tomato helps them to get...
08 Big Time Band
When Bill & Ben discover that Weed's feeling sad they try desperately to cheer her up. Nothing seems to work until Whimsy the spider spins a web and it gives the flowerpo...
09 One of our Spiders is Mis...
When Whimsy gets a fright and runs for cover Bill & Ben set off on a mission to find her. Strange noises are preventing her from returning - just what could they be?!
10 Here Comes the Sun
When a security light is put up in the garden Thistle sees yet another opportunity to play a trick on everyone. When night turns to day all becomes clear!
11 Phwooar
A horrible smell in the garden sends the flowerpot men off in search of it. When they discover where it's coming from it's their job to get rid of it.
12 Around and Around
When Bill & Ben discover a strange round object in the garden they have much delight in returning it to its rightful owner. Scamper the squirrel however is not as delight...
13 The Big Sleep
Bill and Ben try to keep the garden as quiet as possible while Boo the hedgehog snuggles down for the winter. What should be an easy task proves harder than they think.
14 Ben Has a Visitor
On returning home one evening it's discovered that something has taken root in Ben's pot. The flowerpot men will have to re-home the unexpected visitor before they can re...
15 A Night to Remember
Bill & Ben wake one morning to find out that Slowcoach has had an uninvited guest. They wait until dark before staging their plan of action only to discover that things a...
16 A Picture for Slowcoach
One windy morning something interesting blows into the garden but when Bill & Ben misplace it they spend the rest of the day searching for it. Will they find it before Sl...
17 Treasure Garden
When Weed suggests a game to find the most interesting thing in the garden, Bill & Ben and their friends set off in search of treasure. They unearth something alarming wh...
18 The Jumping Jar
Tad, next door's friendly frog gets himself into a very tricky situation. Bill & Ben hop to it, and decide to investigate and uncover the mystery. This gives Bill & Ben a...
19 The Great Worm Hunt
On discovering the garden hose Bill & Ben have lots of fun around the garden - but when Whoops the worm disappears the search is on and Slowcoach is sitting on the eviden...
20 The Singing Cobwebs
One morning Bill & Ben rise from their pots to find that Whimsy the spider has spun a beautiful new web. It's not long before Bill & Ben discover their hidden musical tal...
21 Game For a Laugh
One day Bill & Ben enjoy playing a new game they've invented until things start to mysteriously disappear! It's not until Pry arrives that the mystery is solved!
22 Tears Before Bedtime
Scamper discovers what she thinks is a big nut but Bill and Ben are not so convinced and set out to uncover its true identity.
23 Weed Sees the World
Weed discovers there's more to life than the garden and wants to travel the world. Knowing that it's not possible, it's Bill & Ben's intention to bring the world to Weed.
24 The Snow Castle
The recent snowfall in the garden gives Bill & Ben an idea to make a wonderful snow castle. But when they wake up the following morning it's not quite how they remembered...
25 The New Flowerpot Men
When Tad learns there's another frog living in the pond in next door's garden, Bill & Ben investigate. They soon discover that it's not the only inhabitant there!
26 The Shiny Men
On discovering a pile of snow in the garden, Bill & Ben transform it into something special to present to Weed. Slowcoach assists with the transportation, in more ways th...