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Kenan & Kel: To Catch A Thief
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Kenan & Kel: To Catch A Thief
01 To Catch A Thief
Kenan's new neighbor, the nerdy Marc Cram, loves collecting watches. Wouldn't you know it -- Kenan's watch goes missing! With Kel's assistance, Kenan goes to great length...
02 The Raffle
The Rockmore's get a brand new television set. Kel breaks the new TV that Chris was planning on raffling off at Rigby's, so Kenan pulls the old switcheroo. What are Kenan...
03 Skunkator vs. Moth Man
There's a big comic book convention in town and Kenan and Kel are dying to go. Too bad Kenan has to train Rigby's new employee, Sharla, that day. The guys decide to go an...
04 The Contest
A local radio station is sponsoring a contest. The grand-prize: two courtside seats to a Chicago Bulls game. All Kenan and Kel have to do is perform a stunt crazier, wack...
05 Surprise Surprise
Roger is planning a surprise anniversary party for Sheryl. Too bad Kenan and Kel are in charge of picking up the cake and Sheryl's gift.
06 I.Q. Can Do Better
Kenan and Kel take an I.Q. test and Kel scores higher than Kenan. When the guys go to talk to Principal Dimly about the test, Kel accidentally leaves incriminating eviden...
07 You Dirty Rat
There's a rat loose in Rigby's. It's up to Kenan and Kel to capture it before the exterminator gets to the rat.
08 Attack of the Bug Man
While Kenan and Kel are in Kenan's room playing Penguin Hunter, the Rockmore's house is robbed. Kenan and Kel try and stall his parents from coming home before they can s...
09 Fenced In
Kel loses a yoyo and Kenan tries to get it, but gets himself stuck in some cage bars.
10 We Are the Chimpions
Kenan and Kel adopt a chimpanzee through the zooÆs adopt-a-critter program. After the guys are informed that their pet is being transferred, Kel decides that he's going t...
11 Happy Birthday to Marc
Marc Cram is having a birthday bash and has invited everyone, except Kenan. Kenan is determined to be in attendance at the party, one way or another.
12 Poem Sweet Poem
Kenan writes a lovely poem, inspired by Sharla, for class assignment. Unfortunately, Kel leads a female classmate, Alison, to believe that Kenan wrote the poem for her. W...
13 Present Tense
Eager to see the gifts his parents brought him for his birthday, Kenan snoops around and ultimately finds it. Unfortunately, Kel accidentally breaks the gift, which event...