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The Our Gang Collection: Tiny Troubles
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The Our Gang Collection: Tiny Troubles
01 The Little Ranger
Alfalfa falls asleep and dreams that he's a cowboy. Butch's gang has captured him and is stringing him up on a tree. Sheriffs Porky and Buckwheat arrive to save Alfalfa b...
02 Party Fever
Alfalfa and Butch agree that the winner of a boy's week mayoralty race will have the honor of escorting Darla to the Strawberry Festival.
03 Aladdin's Lantern
The Gang goes in for histrionics. They present a play in which Alfalfa plays Aladdin and attempts to spirit Darla away on his magic carpet. However, the magic carpet devi...
04 Men in Fright
The Gang visits Darla, who is in the hospital recuperating from a tonsillectomy.
05 Football Romeo
Darla plays a campus queen, and once again she causes trouble between Butch and Alfalfa. The Gang is scheduled to meet Butch's Assassins on the football field, and althou...
06 Practical Jokers
Suddenly everyone in the Gang becomes a victim of mysterious practical jokes. They learn from Darla that Butch is responsible, and they decide upon a plan for sweet reven...
07 Alfalfa's Aunt
Alfalfa reads the manuscript of a mystery story written by his Aunt and mistakes it for a plot to murder him.
08 Tiny Troubles
A midget, who turns out to be a master criminal, is involved in this "Our Gang" adventure. He lands them in all sorts of trouble with the cops.
09 Duel Personalities
Alfalfa, while under the influence of a hypnotist, challenges Butch to a duel over the affections of Darla. At the last minute, they lose their nerve and decide to use ca...
10 Clown Princes
The Gang discovers that Porky's family can't pay the rent, so the kids decide to give a circus performance to raise rent money.
11 Cousin Wilbur
Alfalfa's cousin Wilbur arrives for a two-week visit. He looks like a sissy, and the Gang refuses to treat him with much respect.
12 Joy Scouts
The Gang watches enviously as a Boy Scout troop marches away on a camping excursion. Against the advice of the scoutmaster, they decide to form their own camping expediti...
13 Dog Daze
The Gang accidentally gets mixed up in a big "pet-napping" crime wave.