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Jonah Hex Motion Comic: Season 1
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Jonah Hex Motion Comic: Season 1
01 Two-Gun Mojo - Chapter 1
Jonah Hex meets fellow bounty hunter Slow Go Smith when Slow Go saves him from certain death at the hands of a murderous gang. Hex must intervene when Slow Go's life is p...
02 Two-Gun Mojo - Chapter 2
When Slow Go is gunned down by a rag-tag gang, Jonah promises to avenge his death. When he is captured by the local townspeople and thrown in prison for Slow Go's murder...
03 Two-Gun Mojo - Chapter 3
Jonah tracks down the gang that murdered Slow Go Smith and watches them resurrect a dead body. When Jonah is captured by the gang, he fears that he too will end up one of...
04 Two-Gun Mojo - Chapter 4
Doc Williams divulges his macabre methods for resurrecting the famous gunslinger Wild Bill to Jonah Hex. Jonah plans his escape while Doc prepares the same potion for Hex...
05 Two-Gun Mojo - Chapter 5
Jonah Hex must band together with Doc Williams and his gang to fight violent Apaches. After most of the group is slaughtered, Jonah continues to search for Doc and his ga...
06 The Gunfighter
Jonah Hex tracks down a band of outlaws and must bring the fugitives back to town. The fugitives escape when they must stop at a farm house for the night. Jonah must find...
07 The Hangin' Woman
When a gang of savage desperadoes rob a bank, Jonah Hex is hired by the bank owner to track down the thieves. When the bank owner turns out to be the judge of the town, H...