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Luther: Season 2
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Luther: Season 2
00 Free First Look
Watch an exclusive first look of Luther, Season 2. John Luther is working in the newly created Serious and Serial unit and in his first case with the squad he's investiga...
01 Episode 1
Still plagued by the death of his ex-wife, Luther returns to work to face a surreal and nightmarish case of a masked murderer determined to make history. As the body coun...
02 Episode 2
Luther must rescue Ripley, who's been abducted by Cameron, in time to prevent Cameron's final murderous set piece. But Jenny's ruthless and vengeful boss is demanding com...
03 Episode 3
As Luther's affection for Jenny grows so does his determination to protect her and help her back on her feet. Baba, however, is determined to keep Luther on a tight leash...
04 Episode 4
Luther's personal and professional life spirals out of control as he tries to cover up Toby's death and appease a suspicious Baba. He must also protect Jenny from any fur...