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The Following: Season 1
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The Following: Season 1
01 Pilot
In the series premiere episode, FBI Agent Ryan Hardy (KEVIN BACON) is called out of retirement to track down serial killer Joe Carroll (JAMES PUREFOY) who's escaped from...
02 Chapter Two
Ryan Hardy, Agent Mike Weston and FBI Specialist Debra Parker, who is brought in to lead the investigation into Joe Carroll and his followers, dive deeper into the histor...
03 The Poet's Fire
A new follower is uncovered in Rick Kester (guest star MICHAEL DRAYER), who is on a determined path to follow through on Carroll's orders. Hardy and the FBI attempt to pr...
04 Mad Love
Maggie (guest star VIRGINIA KULL) devises a plot to put an end to Hardy. Meanwhile, tension rises as Paul reveals a secret that Jacob has been keeping from Emma and more...
05 The Siege
When Claire receives a phone call that may lead her to find her son, the FBI and Ryan Hardy set their next move into motion, causing panic at the farmhouse. Meanwhile, Jo...
06 The Fall
Joe Carroll's true intentions are revealed through a new follower, Charlie Mead (guest star TOM LIPINSKI). As Ryan learns of Joe's plans, he tries to stall Emma, Jacob an...
07 Let Me Go
With the help of attorney Olivia Warren, Joe Carroll makes a case against Ryan and the FBI to be transferred to a different facility, but Ryan suspects a larger plan may...
08 Welcome Home
With Joey still missing and the search for Carroll escalating, the FBI brings in Nick Donovan (guest star MIKE COLTER) to run lead on the case - much to Ryan and Parker's...
09 Love Hurts
Ryan and Parker attempt to outsmart their new boss to continue their search, while Joe surprisingly reaches out to Ryan to demand Claire's location.
10 Guilt
After discovering Claire's location, Joe sends two followers to capture her - but Ryan may be one step ahead of him. Meanwhile, Jacob struggles with his reunion with Emma...
11 Whips and Regrets
After losing Claire to Joe's followers, the FBI tracks down an undercover location with a twisted secret that may have dark ties to Joe's following.
12 The Curse
Ryan and Weston team up to take down a follower who might be able to lead them to Carroll's location. Emma and Claire finally come face to face again.
13 Havenport
When Roderick's role as sheriff is called into question, he makes a shocking decision with dangerous implications for the safety of Joey.
14 The End is Near
As the season nears its end, Ryan, Parker and Weston prepare to storm the Followers' mansion, but Joe has already put his escape plan in action.
15 The Final Chapter
In the explosive Season One finale, Ryan races to stop Joe Carroll before his endgame reaches a deadly conclusion. Meanwhile, Joe leads Claire to a special location where...