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Episodes: Season 2
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Episodes: Season 2
01 Episode 1
The story picks up four months after the end of the first season, where the impact of Beverly's tryst with Matt is still being felt. Sean and Beverly are now living apart...
02 Episode 2
Matt misses his friendship with Sean. It frustrates him that the Englishman is still angry with him for sleeping with his wife and in attempts to win him back - Matt buys...
03 Episode 3
When Merc's father dies, the race is on to find the most impressive way of sending one's condolences. With Pucks! ratings in a freefall, they are urged to find the most e...
04 Episode 4
The ratings for Pucks! are a disaster. Carol informs Sean and Beverly that there's one positive sign: network research shows that the students in Pucks! are a hit with a...
05 Episode 5
Matt's stalker Labia becomes Sean's Facebook friend and tracks the guys down at a restaurant. When Matt spots her, he immediately throws her out, reminding her about the...
06 Episode 6
Merc persuades Matt to try and get one of his Friends cast mates to guest star on Pucks! to help improve the show's dismal ratings. It quickly proves to be a daunting tas...
07 Episode 7
Sean and Beverly are called into Merc's office. It seems that the network has real concerns about Matt's recent weight gain. The network is convinced that Matt's expandin...
08 Episode 8
Sean and Beverly are horrified to discover Labia lounging in Matt's dressing room. They're even more appalled when Matt admits to a drunken booty call with his stalker th...
09 Episode 9
While on a hike with Carol, Beverly accidentally lets slip that Jamie Lapidus has been having an affair with Matt. Carol is thrilled, but Beverly makes her promise to kee...