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Bedlam: Season 2
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Bedlam: Season 2
01 The Long Drop
A young woman who can see ghosts is drawn to Bedlam Heights in search of Jed.
02 Pool of Tears
Ellie and Max battle to save a young woman from a watery grave while Dan gets closer to the mystery blogger.
03 Unfaithful
A wedding forces Ellie to reflect on her own failed engagement and she finds comfort in an unexpected place.
04 Jude
Ellie reveals a secret that shocks Max as they help to save a little boy who is possessed. Meanwhile Dan floors Warren with his own revelation.
05 Dare
A black mass angers a chaplain from the past, and Ellie learns something huge about Eve.
06 Reunion
Max is haunted by his father, Warren reaches rock bottom, and Ellie finally comes face to face with the truth about her past.