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The Real L Word: Season 2
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The Real L Word: Season 2
01 Fresh Start
Whitney's ex-lover moves to L.A.; Claire reunites with model and businesswoman Francine; Romi and Kelsey drunkenly celebrate a birthday; Cori and Kacy want a baby but nee...
02 The Morning After
Romi and Kelsey's lack of a sex life causes more drunken friction; Whitney wakes up in Sara's bed again; Claire and Francine try to regroup; Kacy and Cori seek another sp...
03 Back to Square One
Whitney heads north to San Francisco; Romi faces the challenge of her new sobriety; Sajdah's relationship proceeds rapidly; Kacy and Cori find a sperm donor online; Franc...
04 The Other L Word
Kacy and Cori enjoy a night out with Whitney and Sara; Sajdah's birthday bash for Chanel takes a bad turn; newly sober Romi refocuses on her career; Claire gets her own p...
05 It's About to Get Juicy
Whitney gets over Sara; Kacy and Cori go to their first insemination appointment; Romi reexamines her relationship with Kelsey; Saj and Chanel are back on; Claire and Fra...
06 Baby Batter Up!
Romi braces for a tough first week at her new fashion job; Cori and Kacy have a pregnancy timing problem while Whitney and Alyssa use their makeup skills to help.
07 Playing with Fire
Kacy prays for divine pregnancy intervention; Saj's amorousness overwhelms Chanel; Romi's investment in her jewelry line pays off; Francine spreads the rumor that Claire...
08 The Hardest Time
Pregnancy problems threaten one couple while alcoholism may destroy another; two women deal with visits from their mothers.
09 The Pieces Fall Into Plac...
Kacy and Cori pursue a last chance at baby-making; Francine braces for coming out to her mother.