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Deadliest Warrior: Season 1
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Deadliest Warrior: Season 1
01 Apache vs. Gladiator
Apache - the greatest stealth fighter in American History, versus a Gladiator - crowd-thrilling killer of ancient Rome.
02 Viking vs. Samurai
Viking versus Samurai. The savage Scandinavian raider that plundered Europe for almost a thousand years, against the blinding speed and skill of Japan's elite warrior cla...
03 Spartan vs. Ninja
Spartan, the bronze battle tank celebrated in the movie 300; versus a Ninja, Japan's legendary master of death.
04 Pirate vs. Knight
Pirate - the merciless high seas marauder; versus a Knight - the armored battle tank that crushed infidels underfoot. It's an explosive, bloody battle between two fighter...
05 Yakuza vs. Mafia
Mafia - the deadly crime family that rule New York's 1920's underworld, versus Yakuza - feared gang lords that dominate the mean streets of 1940's Tokyo.
06 Green Beret vs. Spetznaz
Green Beret - America's elite special force, versus a Spetznaz - Russia's top- secret, top-notch commandos. Trained to kill anyone, any when, anywhere - these super soldi...
07 Shaolin Monk vs. Maori
A Shoalin Monk - the ultimate pacifist killing machine from China versus a Maori - fierce, bone-crushing warrior from New Zealand.
08 William Wallace vs. Shaka...
Deadliest Warrior gets personal with a battle between two of the greatest warrior- generals that ever lived. William Wallace versus Shaka Zulu.
09 IRA vs. Taliban
The Taliban - deadly extremists battling in the mountains of Afghanistan, versus the I.R.A. - elusive, hard-hitting masters of Ireland's urban jungles.