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A Crime To Remember: Go Ask Alice
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A Crime To Remember: Go Ask Alice
01 Go Ask Alice
Queens, NY, 1965. Two children are found dead. The cops are convinced the parents Eddie and Alice Crimmins are guilty. Even after 2 trials both condemning Alice, it will...
02 The Career Girl Murders
New York, NY, 1963. Two young women are brutally murdered in their Upper East Side apartment. If these girls aren't safe, who is? The NYPD is under pressure to solve the...
03 Judge, Jury, Executioner
West Palm Beach, FL, 1955. Esteemed Judge Curtis Chillingworth and his wife say goodbye to friends at a dinner party and are never seen again. Police unravel a tale of co...
04 Time Bomb
Denver, CO, 1955. United Airlines Flight 629 explodes in mid-air, killing everyone aboard. Crash investigators wonder if it was an accident at all. What follows is the di...
05 A New Kind of Monster
Michigan, 1967-69. A series of young females from Michigan universities are murdered one by one. The young women of Southeastern Michigan are terrified and the police com...
06 Who Killed Mr. Woodward?
New York, NY, 1955. Ann and Billy Woodward are the darlings of New York society when tragedy strikes after a drunken dinner party. Billy lies in a pool of his own blood....