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A Stranger in My Home: Mommy Dearest
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A Stranger in My Home: Mommy Dearest
01 House of Horrors
In Sacramento, Dorothea Puente runs a boardinghouse. Mentally ill Alvaro ‘Bert' Montoya is among Dorothea's favorite tenants. Until a terrible stench rises up throug...
02 Trailer Park Terror
Mickey Widmer and her boyfriend Darnell Mears move into a Minnesota trailer park looking for a fresh start, but after meeting Rick Taber, a reclusive neighbor, he grows t...
03 Buried Secrets
Al Kowalski is new to Hill Country, Texas. He plans to spend his early retirement hunting and fixing his vintage vehicles. Al welcomes meth-addicted mechanic Charlie Tidw...
04 The Co-Ed Killer
Michelle Herndon is an anthropology student studying at the University of Florida. Just one month before graduation Michelle takes a stranger under her wing with devastat...
05 Death Comes Knocking
John Adair is a wealthy philanthropist who champions charitable causes and fosters troubled teens. When John Adair opens his luxurious California home to a stranger in ne...
06 The Killer Clown
John Aegerter, runs a thriving communications company in Brookfield, Wisconsin. He's an eccentric millionaire who lives alone in a large house he's built himself. An invi...
07 Death By Lottery
When Abraham Shakespeare suddenly wins 30 million dollars, he can't believe his luck. He takes off, but as months go by, no one has seen him and suspicions are raised. Po...
08 Hired From Hell
Roxanna and Percy Palomino are living the American dream. Recent immigrants to the US, they've worked hard for their happy home. But when things go missing, tempers flare...
09 Mommy Dearest
82-year-old Mabel Pugliese buys a house with her daughter Cathie in Lakeland, Florida. They need help with household duties, so they hire ex-convict Edward Caldwell. Afte...
10 Roommate From Hell
When Jeffrey Wheatley moves to Stockton, California he sees it as a second chance. His friend Drew offers him a room in a house that he shares with Valerie Nessler. But s...