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Sanjay and Craig: Cup O' Universe / You're In Trouble
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Sanjay and Craig: Cup O' Universe / You're In Trouble
00 Quirky Cast Piece
Meet some of Sanjay and Craig's quirky friends.
01 Fart Baby / Kung-Fu Catap...
Sanjay and Craig are the proud parents of a baby fart. Sanjay and Craig agree to rid Tufflips' trailer of ghosts in return for a catapult.
02 Trouble Dare / Road Pizza
The dudes play the Dicksons in an epic game of Family Double Dare. Craig gets possessed by an evil pizza demon that wants to destroy the Frycade.
03 Cup O' Universe / You're...
The kids discover a universe in a milkshake cup. While at Tufflips overnight camp, the dudes do their best not to wet the bed.
04 Booger Johnson / Dream Ra...
Craig can't stop eating Megan's pet gerbil. / Sanjay and Craig must re-enter their dream to rescue Belle.
05 Day of the Snake / Pricke...
Sanjay discovers all the awesome things Craig does when Sanjay's at school. The kids discover a local legend is a lie and get revenge on their parents.
06 Kerplunk'd / Old Farts
Sanjay and Craig start a prank war with the ultimate prank master. Sanjay and Craig disguise themselves as senior citizens to get free wings.
07 Flip Flopas / Chill Bill
When the kids eat candy that makes good things taste bad forever, they set out on a quest to find an antidote. A cool bass player who lives in an underground convenience...
08 Susan Loogie / Curb Dawgz
Megan disguises herself as a tomboy to unwittingly convince Sanjay to be her partner at a dance competition. Sanjay, Craig, and Hector con their way into a rad-awesome sk...
09 A Tail of Two Slithers
Craig meets his long-lost brother, Ronnie Slithers, who uses devious methods to try and turn the dudes against one another.
10 Boatin' Down the River/Pr...
The Dicksons are seduced by fame and fortune and Sanjay and Craig are to blame. When Chicken Chuck adds his own sauce to Penny's hot wings, a heated competition erupts be...