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NFL Rush Zone: Season of the Guardians: Vol. 1
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NFL Rush Zone: Season of the Guardians: Vol. 1
01 Lions, Texans and Turkeys
With all new powers and a new enemy, Guardian Ish teams up with Lions Wide Receiver Calvin Johnson in order to defend Detroit's Thanksgiving Day game from an attack by tr...
02 Change of Plans
Thanksgiving Day is disrupted when Guardian Ish and Cowboys Linebacker DeMarcus Ware must face Drop Kick in Dallas. Ash's father gives her some upsetting news, and a new...
03 Kick It Up A Notch
Guardians Ish and Ash head to Foxborough where a mysterious Mimic Blitz Bot is on the loose. Patriots Tight End Rob Gronkowski and Kicker Stephen Gostkowski give Ash a le...
04 Team Up
Newest Guardian Troy gets in over his head when he puts the Saints Megacore and himself in harm's way. It's up to Ish and Ash, together with Saints Quarterback Drew Brees...
05 Frost and Ten
When Megacore is attacked, Ish, Ash and Troy must put a valuable lesson they learned from Green Bay wide receiver Greg Jennings into action.
06 Sound Advice
With help from the New York Jets' Head Coach Rex Ryan, Tua finds the confidence to tackle new challenges, both in school and as a new guardian.
07 Gridiron Ringers
When Wildcard attacks in Chicago, Tua's got to channel the energy of the '85 Bears - with help from Hall of Famers Richard Dent and Mike Ditka - to defeat him.
08 Spirit and Inspiration
With the "mini-Steelers" ready to crush the Bulldogs, Marty gets an inspiring lesson from Browns Wide Receiver Josh Cribbs and Pro Football Hall of Famer Jim Brown.
09 Oh Brother
A mind-control Blitz Bot turns coaching brothers Jim and John Harbaugh against each other. It's up to the Guardians to defeat Wild Card's latest evil plan and restore ord...
10 The Mystery Guardian: Par...
When Drop Kick steals two Megacores, Giants defensive end Justin Tuck and Broncos linebacker Von Miller lend a hand to help save the Super Bowl.
11 The Mystery Guardian: Par...
With the Super Bowl in jeopardy, the Guardians, Giants defensive end Justin Tuck and Broncos linebacker Von Miller have to identify the Mystery Guardian before it's too l...
12 Mystery Solved
The Guardians learn the true identities of Wild Card and RZ... and themselves. Then the gang come under attack by the Blitz Bots.