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Long Island Medium: The Pincushion
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Long Island Medium: The Pincushion
01 Behind the Read
In this special episode, catch up with Theresa's past clients and spontaneous reads to find out more about their experiences and how these reading changed their lives.
02 Missing My Princess
When Theresa's daughter Victoria pays the family a short visit from college and shocks them with some major changes, they wonder about her newfound independence . Plus, T...
03 Theresa in Training
Theresa has always struggled with her weight and finally decides to take the steps to lose a few pounds. In a private reading, a woman finds out if her son's death was in...
04 The Royal Flush
When the Caputos' decide to redo their bathroom, Larry becomes overwhelmed with the amount of work and questions Theresa's decorating style. Also, Theresa encounters a sp...
05 Sandy Spirit
After surveying the horrific damage of Hurricane Sandy, Theresa brings comfort to affected Long Islanders with messages from their departed loved ones. Plus, Theresa's br...
06 The Gambler
When Larry Jr. hosts a poker game at the house, Theresa feels the need to throw her hand in the mix. And in a group reading, a young girl hears a validation from her dece...
07 Why Me
Theresa finally asks the question of why was she chosen to have this gift. Will she actually get the answer? Also, a woman picking her sister up from work hears an unexpe...
08 Louie's Lost
The Caputo family is completely distraught after their dog Louie goes missing. Even with all of the emotional stress of Louie being gone, Theresa still must give readings...
09 The Medium Matchmaker
Theresa puts her mediumship aside when she takes on the responsibility of setting her cousin up with a new man.Plus, a woman in a group reading is shocked to hear from a...
10 Girls Night In
Theresa hasn't seen her friends in awhile so she decides to invite them over for a girls' night. Plus, a man hears an incredible message from his dad.
11 Spirit on the Slopes
When Larry Jr. entices his family to go skiing, Theresa becomes more concerned about how she looks than how she skis. And a woman in a private reading is amazed at the de...
12 Bouffants and Bingo
After a Bingo game where Theresa once again freaks her dad out, the medium does a group reading to help with one of the town's local organizations. Later, three kids hear...
13 The Pincushion
To help her husband quit smoking, Theresa takes Larry for acupuncture. However, upon arrival Larry immediately insists on his wife joining him on the journey. And, a woma...
14 Once Upon a Dream
After having a dream about her husband cheating on her, Theresa coerces Larry & their son to take dance lessons with her. Also, a woman hears a message from her deceased...
15 The Patient
Theresa is in total disarray after a mole removed from her foot is being tested for melanoma. Plus, a couple hears from their deceased child in one of Theresa's most powe...
16 Unseen
In this very special hour, Theresa gives viewers an exclusive inside look into readings that have never been seen before, including a spontaneous reading at a tanning sal...