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America Unearthed: Tracking the Templars
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America Unearthed: Tracking the Templars
01 American Maya Secrets
Geologist and adventurer Scott Wolter explores a government-restricted site, and makes a startling discovery connecting the ancient Mayans with rural Georgia.
02 Medieval Desert Mystery
Scott Wolter investigates a burial site in the mountains of Arizona, only to discover it may belong to a medieval Englishman.
03 Great Lakes Copper Heist
Scott Wolter investigates the mysterious disappearance of vast amounts of copper from Lake Superior. Through scientific testing a connection is made to a pre- historic ci...
04 Giants in Minnesota
Geologist Scott Wolter visits a Minnesota farmer who wants to investigate the possible existence of bones from a giant he unearthed in his yard. The bones raise the quest...
05 A Deadly Sacrifice
A man shows up at Scott Wolter s lab with a 500-pound discovery. In the flatbed of his truck is a large boulder he pulled from the Arkansas River, inscribed with a myster...
06 Stonehenge in America
Geologist Scott Wolter has reason to believe America has its very own Stonehenge in New Hampshire. With the help of a young man who discovered an amazing connection betwe...
07 Lost Colony of Roanoke
In the late 1500s, years before Jamestown, the English sought to create their first settlement in America at Roanoke. A party of 119 colonists came over and settled but u...
08 Hunting for Chambers
There are 800 very old, very mysterious, man-made stone sites in the Northeastern part of the United States. Forensic geologist Scott Wolter heads to rural Pennsylvania t...
09 Meriwether Murder Mystery
After his famous expedition to map the American West with William Clark, Meriwether Lewis recorded details of the adventure in a journal and intended to publish it. Befor...
10 The Desert Cross
Heading to Tucson, Arizona with his son Grant, Wolter is eager to investigate a mysterious cache of crosses, swords and other relics pulled from the desert in the 1920s....
11 Tracking the Templars
When Scott Wolter began investigating artifacts, he started to notice one unique symbol appeared on many of them. The symbol, now known as the "Hooked X", baffled researc...
12 America's Oldest Secret
The Newport Tower is considered by many to be the most mysterious structure in the United States. Some people think it's a colonial era windmill or perhaps all that's lef...
13 Hunt for the Holy Grail
The Holy Grail is one of the most sought after treasures of all time, and one treasure hunter thinks he knows exactly where it is. He invites Scott Wolter along on his qu...