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Ni Hao, Kai-Lan: Season 1
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Ni Hao, Kai-Lan: Season 1
01 The Dragonboat Festival
Today is the Dragonboat Festival! Kai-lan and her friends are excited to race dragonboats on the river! Kai-lan can't wait to meet a real dragon at the end of the race.
02 Everybody's Hat Parade
Kai-lan notices Ye-Ye's gardening hat, and is inspired to make a hat of her own. When everyone in the backyard start making hats too, Kai-lan declares that they should ha...
03 Hoho's Big Flight
Today's the big lantern festival to celebrate the end of Chinese New Year! Ye-Ye gives Kai-lan some lanterns for her and her friends to decorate.
04 Safari Pals
Kai-lan discovers some mysterious footprints, so there's only one thing to do - lead her friends on a safari through the backyard to find out who made them!
05 Twirly Whirly Flyers
Kai-lan invents a game - Twirly Whirly Flyers - where she and her friends twirl flower blossoms into the air to try to get them into a big tree.
06 The Snowiest Ride
Kai-lan wakes up to see snow blanketing the whole backyard! She finds a great hill for sledding, and sees some beautiful ice sculptures down at the bottom.
07 Tolee's Rhyme Time
Kai-lan wants to start a music group and wants EVERYONE to be in it! Kai-lan plays her tambourine, Rintoo triumphs on the xylophone, Hoho scratches his turntables, and Lu...
08 Kai-lan's Campout
Tonight Kai-lan is having a camp-out in the backyard, and we're all invited! Ye-Ye has set up a beautiful ladybug tent, and all of Kai-lan's friends come over, wearing th...
09 Wait, Hoho, Wait!
Rintoo gets a very special delivery today: a build-it-yourself toy car that everyone can ride in. Kai-lan is excited to help Rintoo and Tolee put it together and take a r...
10 The Ant Playground
Kai-lan is amazed to see the ants building a tiny playground full of fantastical rides. But they forgot to build a swing, and the playground is opening soon! Kai-lan and...
11 Happy Chinese New Year!
It's Chinese New Year, which means a big feast, red envelopes, and friends and family all together! Kai-lan and her friends are thrilled because this year, they are old e...
12 Ni Hao, Halloween
Trick or treat, it's Halloween! Kai-lan and her friends dress up to go trick or treating with Ye-Ye. Kai-lan is a dinosaur, Tolee's a panda, Hoho's the Monkey King, and R...
13 Beach Day
Kai-lan is excited because today she's going to the beach with Ye-Ye and her friends, to play in the sand, fly kites, and go in the water!
14 Roller Rintoo
Kai-lan and her friends are off to a roller rink to go skating! But when Rintoo won't put on his roller skates, Kai-lan thinks something is wrong. It turns out that Rinto...
15 Rain or Shine
Kai-lan and her friends are planning a big day of playing outdoors, when suddenly it starts to rain! Kai-lan happily finds a way to play in the rain, but Rintoo, Tolee an...
16 Kai-Lan's Carnival
Kai-lan and her friends wake up early today because...there's a CARNIVAL in the backyard with game booths, prizes and rides!
17 Lulu Day
Today, Kai-lan is having a playdate with her best girl friend, Lu-lu the rhino! Kai-lan is ready with all sorts of games and things to play with Lu-lu. But Lu-lu wants to...
18 Sports Day
Kai-lan LOVES dinosaurs, and today she's made up a whole bunch of Olympic-style Dinosaur Games to play with her friends!
19 Kai-lan Goes to China
Kai-lan gets a phone call from her favorite great aunt, Gu-nai-nai, in China, inviting us to come to China and meet a baby panda! Ye-Ye, Kai-lan, and her friends take an...