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My Wife and Kids: Season 1
$ 9.99
$ 9.99
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My Wife and Kids: Season 1
01 Pilot
Mike worries when Jay wants to enter the workforce.
02 Making the Grade
Junior's scheme backfires after he forges an A in math.
03 A Little Romance
Michael feels frustrated about his love life when his brother visits.
04 He Said, She Said
Michael and Jay try to remember what they asked each other to do.
05 Breaking Up and Breaking...
Michael continues to pal around with Claire's ex.
06 Of Breasts and Basketball
Claire buys a a padded bra to impress boys.
07 Failure to Communicate
Michael tries to get his parents to speak to each other again.
08 Grassy Knoll
Michael and Jay discover Junior has been smoking marijuana.
09 Working It
Michael hires an attractive math tutor.
10 The Truth Hurts
Michael suspects the family is keeping things from him.
11 Snapping and Sniffing
Michael advises fight his school bully with words.
12 Hair Today, Gone Tomorrow
Michael takes living life to its fullest a little too far.