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The Real L Word: Season 3
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The Real L Word: Season 3
01 Apples and Oranges
Since last year, Whitney has done a complete 180. Against her friend's wishes, she has moved out of Alyssa's nest and in with the love of her life. But there is something...
02 Leap of Faith
In true Whitney fashion, the proposal that she's planning is completely over the top, leaving her anxious that something could go wrong. On the flip side of things, Romi...
03 Love Lost
The stars are anything but aligned for the ladies of The Real L Word. This week Cori and Kacy find themselves in a situation that many women would consider unimaginable....
04 Scissor Sisters
Whitney was disappointed by her mother's reaction to her engagement, but now her nerves are going wild as they head up to San Jose to break the news to Sara's very tradit...
05 I Wasn't Expecting This
It's time for the much-awaited Dinah Shore weekend -the largest lesbian party in the world - and The Real L Word girls are full throttle ahead. This will be Dinah veteran...
06 Lost in a Bush
The Dinah fever continues its hold on the women of The Real L Word. While Cori and Kacy are overwhelmed with the weekend-long party, Whitney and Sara take the heat from t...
07 Dream Come True
Now that Dinah Shore weekend is over, Whitney and Sara head to Connecticut. The couple is full of nerves as Whitney prepares to officially come out to her grandmother and...
08 Premonitions
With one month to go before the wedding, Whitney is feeling the pressure over the décor, invitations and logistics galore. Sara, on the other hand, is floating along, cau...
09 Perfect Day
Picking up a month later, love is in the air for The Real L Word ladies as season three comes to a conclusion. With Hunter Valentine's tour schedule picking up, the band...