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Nurse Jackie: Season 4
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Nurse Jackie: Season 4
01 Kettle-Kettle-Black-Black
It's business as usual at All Saints, except for one small detail: the hospital has been purchased by the multinational corporation Quantum Bay, and the new director -- t...
02 Disneyland Sucks
Jackie is detoxing in rehab. When she finally wakes, she meets her elderly roommate, an unfriendly klepto named Doris. Meanwhile, back at All Saints, Mike Cruz's innovati...
03 The Wall
Worried about Grace, Jackie leaves rehab early against the medical advice of her counselor and returns to a very different All Saints. On top of the Quantam Bay takeover,...
04 Slow Growing Monsters
When Grace reveals she knows about rehab, Jackie is blindsided, and goes to Kevin's to make sure he's aware of everything before he hears it from someone else. She's shoc...
05 One-Armed Jacks
Jackie, making pancakes for the girls, realizes too late that the girls aren't even home--they're with Kevin. At O'Hara's apartment, she admits that she's not adjusting w...
06 No-Kimono-Zone
Jackie wakes from a vivid dream about sex with Cruz and using again. Kevin, suing for full custody, prompts O'Hara to take action on Jackie's behalf. Jackie and Zoey grow...
07 Day of the Iguana
Jackie meets her high-powered divorce lawyer, and is told to play hardball with Kevin if she wants to keep her kids. Eddie becomes an unwilling participant in the Peyton...
08 Chaud & Froid
Jackie comes clean to Cruz about rehab while they tend to an intoxicated Charlie. Charlie bargains with Cruz for Jackie's job, then returns to rehab. Faulty air condition...
09 Are Those Feathers?
Grace argues with Jackie about enrolling in a new public school. Cruz claims Jackie will mess up again. O'Hara's hemorrhage patient needs surgery but she wants to leave t...
10 Handle Your Scandal
In the Season Four finale, Cruz purposely pushes Jackie to the breaking point and uses her reaction as grounds to fire her, despite the staff's protests. Jackie enrolls G...