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House of Lies: Season 1
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House of Lies: Season 1
01 Gods of Dangerous
Marty and The Pod travel to New York to consult for MetroCapital, a mega-bank that is looking for a plan to unscrupulously justify taking their year-end bonuses as the fi...
02 Amsterdam
Marty and The Pod are sent to a very powerful sports franchise in Phoenix to clean up a mess caused by the owners' impending divorce. Once there, Jeannie takes a dinner m...
03 Microphallus
Marty arrives at the Galweather offices to find Greg Norbert there announcing the possible acquisition of Galweather by MetroCapital. The Pod then flies to Indiana to con...
04 Mini-Mogul
With Jeremiah out of town, Marty is forced to bring his son Roscoe to his next job in San Francisco. Hoping to get some quality time with his dad, Roscoe ends up spending...
05 Utah
On a consulting gig in Utah, Jeannie is put in charge when it becomes clear that the racist CEO of a no-frills motel chain won't take Marty seriously. On the home front,...
06 Our Descent Into Los Ange...
Marty goes to war with his son's school when Roscoe is accused of sexual harassment for trying to kiss a boy. His personal life is further complicated when April, a strip...
07 Bareback Town
When The Pod goes to Washington, DC, to consult for a pharmaceutical company, Marty faces a challenge from April to stay monogamous on the road. Back at home, Jeremiah re...
08 Veritas
Marty and The Pod take part in the annual Galweather-Stearn recruiting event, where the best and brightest from ivy-league business schools are wined and dined.
09 Ouroboros
The consultants get consulted when Marty and The Pod are put through the ringer by their arch-rival firm, Kinsley-Johnson - all part of the due diligence MetroCapital is...
10 Prologue and Aftermath
Jeannie embarks on a gig to establish her own legend in the world of consultants when she leads The Pod to her hometown to resurrect an ailing church. Meanwhile, Monica's...
11 Business
Marty and "The Rainmaker" work together to put the kibosh on their firm's impending acquisition by MetroCapital.
12 The Mayan Apocalypse
With the help of Greg Norbert, Marty and The Pod fight to pull off an 11th-hour reprieve and stop the MetroCapital acquisition from happening. Meanwhile, Jeannie makes a...