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Sunset Grill
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Sunset Grill
In SUNSET GRILL, Peter Weller plays Ryder Hart, a disgraced ex-cop who is now a low-rent private investigator. His estranged wife, Anita (Alexandra Paul), runs the Sunset Grill and is now involved with Jeff (Michael Anderson, Jr.) a police detective who used to work with Ryder. When Anita is found brutally murdered, Ryder and Jeff team-up to find her killer. The case appears to be related to an immigrant who worked at the Sunset Grill and an old friend of Ryder's named Guillermo (Benito Martinez). During their investigation, Ryder and Jeff meet Harrison Shelgrove (Stacy Keach), a wealthy industrialist who owns a gun club. Loren (Lori Singer), an employee at the club, seems to take an unusual amount of interest in Ryder. As Ryder gets closer to the truth, he begins to suspect that a crooked INS agent, Stockton (John Rhys-Davies), may know something about the case. What began as a search for the murderer of his wife, has lead Ryder into a mystery involving illegal immigrants in Los Angeles.
Suspense / Crime
104 min
Warner Bros.
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